Franchised for Negotech

Franchised For

Negotech is a hybrid distributor and developped partnerships with manufacturers to help our customers to get the best pricing while offering a performing technical support. This strategy will help you in all aspects of your procurement needs.
Distributor of electronic components and semiconductors since 2004, Negotech benefits from a long and worlwide experience in the independant distribution which allowed the acquisition of high technical knowledges and a strong brand culture. We decided to propose some of those exclusive brands in order to offer the best products in our area of excellence:
  • Ballasts and electrical solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Semiconductors
  • Control and measurement devices


Since 1991, Graftel LLC. is the leader in the nuclear industry in both gas & liquid flow calibration services, as well as leak & thermal heat exchanger testing.


For over 30 years SAE have been providing quality equipment to the automotive trade industry and are proud to have built a reputation for excellence.

DSI Gmbh

Facing obsolescence ? Avoid costly redesigns and inferior component replacements.
Partner with DSI for the discrete semiconductor solutions you need-expertly designed, thoroughly tested, and unsurpassed in reliability.
DSI has built its exceptional reputation:

   > Supplying electronic components and devices to the aeronautical, transportation and military industries since 1985.

   > Satisfying clients with our extensive inventory of high quality, diodes, transistors, thyristors and TRIACs.
   > Serving customers with unequalled responsiveness and technical expertise.


Negotech is the french and european distributor of the american manufacturer of electronic & plastic spare parts for the Oil market, POS, Bank & OEM. Its ISO certified production is based on high qualtity materials and ensured the compagny a continuous growth for 10 years in more than 80 countries.